Sunday, January 22, 2012

This has been an interesting week, to say the least! My great nephew, who has been having difficulty at home and at school came to stay with us. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. I am one of those who like to help when I can and I like to see things to the end. It will take some time to get over the fact that I, we could not reach this child. Now, it seems that he has sealed his fate. As we are all out of options, he will be sent to Job Corps where we pray he can turn his life around and become the responsible, successful, mature and respected man that we expect.

This generation is so very different than the one in which I grew up. We respected our parents, our elders. We listened to them; even sought their advice sometimes and listened to what they had to say, without talking back, even when we didn't agree. We didn't like all the decisions that were made for us but we didn't revolt like these children do today. My parents weren't super strict but I knew what was expected of me and I NEVER challenged my parents. Hey, I liked living. I sometimes resented that my parents did not talk to me and explain why they made the decisions they did for me; or I didn't like that they didn't explain to me how and why they did things, period. Now, I talk to my children more. I try to explain to them why I make the decisions that I do. I can see that that is not always the best way to go, either. Even in trying to explain to teenagers, they still don't think that parents know best.

How about you? Do you recognize how this generation is different from yours growing up? What are some of the issues you deal with or that you have witnessed from family or friends? How has it been dealt with? What are some of your success stories? I'd love to read them...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

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I am the type of mom who teachers say they want but am also the one who they wish they could get to be quiet and leave them alone. I constantly question their methods and follow up to make certain they are engaging the students in effective learning lessons and teaching methods. You won't find me apologizing; the children's best interest is at hand. I've not had to storm into a school as of yet, although I have been tempted to. I will, however, show up at  every school meeting and ask for additional ones, if necessary, so that a teacher can explain the intended outcome or goal of his or her actions in the classroom. It certainly puts them on notice that they are being watched. My 7th grader came home with an assignment from her teacher. Write 100 lines of "I will pay attention when my classmates are speaking." My daughter stated that it's the same group of children every day who makes the noise and he does not punish them separately from the rest of the class. I challenged the teacher in an email; "how is this helping students' learning and the environment in the classroom?" He replied that after his many years of teaching, it does help. The next day, I asked my daughter if the students behaved any better in the classroom. Of course they didn't. Neither did they behave any differently the day after that, or any day after that. Are you kidding me!? Suffice it to say, I never let my daughter complete such mediocrity. How about you? If you have school aged children, have you ever experienced an incident where the teacher gives assignments that have no basis for teaching anything of worth to the students?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brainless, you may wonder? We are back to our regularly scheduled program (smile). And, if I'm not brainless, then I must be crazy. My schedule is actually lighter than it used to be a year or two ago and prior to. Just imagine, I used to take my children to dance class and spend 3 hours there, and sometimes it would be right after we had just come from a 90 minute gymnastics class. My husband would wonder why my van had crumbs scattered about. It's difficult to explain how it just didn't seem right to make my children stand on the side of the road to eat their snacks (hehehe), not to mention we are usually in a hurry, anyway. So, my oldest went back to college on Monday and that leaves me with 6. Well, one gone but he actually may have been my biggest help. I still homeschool 3 and 3 are away at school. 2 of the 3 are in school from 8am until 5pm; longer than most work days, right? When some of the other mommy bloggers mentioned how their little ones were in bed by 7pm, I almost passed out from the excitement of just imagining the peace. I don't think we have ever managed to do that. My littlest ones are in bed by 9pm on a good night. But, because of the long school days and the extracurricular activities; music lessons, dance lessons, it is usually later. Since this is just the beginning, I have to brace myself for what is to come; meetings, competitions, additional lessons, volunteer time, additional appointments, and that's just their schedule! I haven't gotten to my own commitments, yet. Just wait and read... you'll soon understand why I'm brainless.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

End of the school break is near. Trying to get everyone back on schedule and in the frame of mind to finish out this semester on a good note. To help achieve this, we hung out at the mall and just relaxed. Now to get them back into their regular sleeping pattern. Monday is just a day or so away!! I try not to stress over them not getting enough sleep during the night. How much sleep do your little ones get?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guiding our children

I remember when I was growing up, I said, "I'm not going to treat my children like this," referring to the way my mom and dad treated me. It was my belief that the way they were raising me was wrong. It was the "do as I say," mentality in my home. There was no explanation and we dare not ask why. As an adult and mother, I now understand "why." The older I become and the more I engage with my children and other children, I know that my parents were dead on correct. There was no way, with our limited experience as children, that we, as children, could understand why they made the decisions they did and required us to do the things that they demanded. With my older children, and especially my oldest, I tried explaning the reasons why I make the decisions that I do. They still never understand. In their mind, it is that I am being unfair. I gave my oldest plenty of room to grow and make his own mistakes but I realize that the mistakes he made were my mistakes as well. With my younger children, I have become more like my mom; "do as I say." Children don't understand that if we make a mistake, we are more apt to be able to correct it than they would. I realize that as parents, we have to stand strong and firm in the decisions that we make. It is highly likely that we are correct in our assessment of the situation and therefore, we must patiently continue to guide our children in the direction that will lead them to a future as successful adults who are honorable and respectable.

Monday, January 2, 2012

On being a mom.of.7

People have often commented on my having 7 children and wonder how I do it. It never seemed that strange to me; my mom and dad had 7 children. Not that my husband and I ever tried to have this many, in fact my husband had only wanted 2 children in the beginning, but I have never thought very much of it. After all, look at the family with 17 children and counting... or is it 18 children, now? I imagine that there are many differences with having 7 children as opposed to having just one, three, or even four children. The dynamics between parent(s) and child(ren) are different as well as the dynamics between the siblings. It is interesting to watch the interaction of the siblings one with another. This blog is just my way of sharing and answering those oft too frequent questions of how we do it.