Saturday, January 7, 2012

End of the school break is near. Trying to get everyone back on schedule and in the frame of mind to finish out this semester on a good note. To help achieve this, we hung out at the mall and just relaxed. Now to get them back into their regular sleeping pattern. Monday is just a day or so away!! I try not to stress over them not getting enough sleep during the night. How much sleep do your little ones get?


  1. My 3yr old sleeps for 12 hours and my 7yr old sleeps for 10.5 hours. They are pretty good sleepers...thank goodness!

  2. My 3 and 5 yr old sleep from 7pm to 7am. Thanks for linking up to welcome to weekend blog hop. I'm following.
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  3. I used to worry too but it's not something I feel like I can control. She refuses the sleep. My 16 month old sleeps about 10 to 12 hrs at night. She does wake up but most of the time she will go back to sleep quickly. 99% she is in bed by 7p. She wakes up crying a lot and that let's me know she's still tired.

    I hope that by sticking to her routine she will start going to bed by herself (when she's a big girl) on the same schedule.

  4. My two-and-a-half year old sleeps 12 hours at night and if tired enough he will nap for about two hours. I hope it stays that way for a long time, especially when he starts preschool. [ ]

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  6. I'm glad we connected online (Serena from Surviving Madness)! I look forward to following your posts!

    My little ones usually go to bed around 9 - 9:30p - I know it's MUCH later than most people put their kids to bed. They all sleep about 10 hours (waking up around 7 - 7:30am). However, I make them all take naps in the afternoon - a minimum of 1.5 hours... this makes doing school in the late afternoon and evening much easier (they're not tired, etc...). It also enables them to spend more time with their dad after he gets home from work!

  7. My 12 year old is usually in bed by 9:30/10 and is up in the morning around 6am. She seems to be okay with it! I've found that many of her friends go to sleep even later (usually responding to text messages and facebook chats)!!!
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    Btw..I'm also a Chicagoan!!!

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  9. Nice blog! My little one's get enough good sleep,I'd say a good 8-9hrs. a night!!
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