Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ok, I fell off the wagon... so to speak. My juice fast/raw eating venture fell to the wayside a few days ago. Well, I suppose I did give it a rather hard nudge, (smile). But, as of today, I am back. Fresh ginger tea this morning and juicing for the next 10 days. I felt wonderful for the 2 weeks or so that I juiced and ate raw. On last Friday, I prepared a delicious stuffed green pepper. I stuffed it with sauteed fresh red onion, garlic, and eggplant along with black beans and brown rice. I topped it off with fresh pureed tomatoes, seasoned to perfection. The whole family enjoyed it and didn't miss the meat at all.

I haven't stepped on a scale for a week. I don't feel like crying right now so I'll wait until perhaps Friday, or so, to log my results thus far. After the first week I lost 6 pounds, but nothing but a couple of ounces the next week; although I could see inches disappearing. Until next time...

Anyone else out there having a epiphany about their eating habits or going through a weight loss program? I would love to connect with you.