Sunday, January 22, 2012

This has been an interesting week, to say the least! My great nephew, who has been having difficulty at home and at school came to stay with us. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. I am one of those who like to help when I can and I like to see things to the end. It will take some time to get over the fact that I, we could not reach this child. Now, it seems that he has sealed his fate. As we are all out of options, he will be sent to Job Corps where we pray he can turn his life around and become the responsible, successful, mature and respected man that we expect.

This generation is so very different than the one in which I grew up. We respected our parents, our elders. We listened to them; even sought their advice sometimes and listened to what they had to say, without talking back, even when we didn't agree. We didn't like all the decisions that were made for us but we didn't revolt like these children do today. My parents weren't super strict but I knew what was expected of me and I NEVER challenged my parents. Hey, I liked living. I sometimes resented that my parents did not talk to me and explain why they made the decisions they did for me; or I didn't like that they didn't explain to me how and why they did things, period. Now, I talk to my children more. I try to explain to them why I make the decisions that I do. I can see that that is not always the best way to go, either. Even in trying to explain to teenagers, they still don't think that parents know best.

How about you? Do you recognize how this generation is different from yours growing up? What are some of the issues you deal with or that you have witnessed from family or friends? How has it been dealt with? What are some of your success stories? I'd love to read them...