Sunday, January 15, 2012

 Sending out a heart felt thanks to fellow blogger Carolina at  for giving me the Liebster Award. Now it is my turn to choose 5 wonderful blogs to receive this award. My picks are below and my understanding of the rules for receiving this award are as follows:

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The awardees are:

I am the type of mom who teachers say they want but am also the one who they wish they could get to be quiet and leave them alone. I constantly question their methods and follow up to make certain they are engaging the students in effective learning lessons and teaching methods. You won't find me apologizing; the children's best interest is at hand. I've not had to storm into a school as of yet, although I have been tempted to. I will, however, show up at  every school meeting and ask for additional ones, if necessary, so that a teacher can explain the intended outcome or goal of his or her actions in the classroom. It certainly puts them on notice that they are being watched. My 7th grader came home with an assignment from her teacher. Write 100 lines of "I will pay attention when my classmates are speaking." My daughter stated that it's the same group of children every day who makes the noise and he does not punish them separately from the rest of the class. I challenged the teacher in an email; "how is this helping students' learning and the environment in the classroom?" He replied that after his many years of teaching, it does help. The next day, I asked my daughter if the students behaved any better in the classroom. Of course they didn't. Neither did they behave any differently the day after that, or any day after that. Are you kidding me!? Suffice it to say, I never let my daughter complete such mediocrity. How about you? If you have school aged children, have you ever experienced an incident where the teacher gives assignments that have no basis for teaching anything of worth to the students?