Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brainless, you may wonder? We are back to our regularly scheduled program (smile). And, if I'm not brainless, then I must be crazy. My schedule is actually lighter than it used to be a year or two ago and prior to. Just imagine, I used to take my children to dance class and spend 3 hours there, and sometimes it would be right after we had just come from a 90 minute gymnastics class. My husband would wonder why my van had crumbs scattered about. It's difficult to explain how it just didn't seem right to make my children stand on the side of the road to eat their snacks (hehehe), not to mention we are usually in a hurry, anyway. So, my oldest went back to college on Monday and that leaves me with 6. Well, one gone but he actually may have been my biggest help. I still homeschool 3 and 3 are away at school. 2 of the 3 are in school from 8am until 5pm; longer than most work days, right? When some of the other mommy bloggers mentioned how their little ones were in bed by 7pm, I almost passed out from the excitement of just imagining the peace. I don't think we have ever managed to do that. My littlest ones are in bed by 9pm on a good night. But, because of the long school days and the extracurricular activities; music lessons, dance lessons, it is usually later. Since this is just the beginning, I have to brace myself for what is to come; meetings, competitions, additional lessons, volunteer time, additional appointments, and that's just their schedule! I haven't gotten to my own commitments, yet. Just wait and read... you'll soon understand why I'm brainless.