Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ok, I fell off the wagon... so to speak. My juice fast/raw eating venture fell to the wayside a few days ago. Well, I suppose I did give it a rather hard nudge, (smile). But, as of today, I am back. Fresh ginger tea this morning and juicing for the next 10 days. I felt wonderful for the 2 weeks or so that I juiced and ate raw. On last Friday, I prepared a delicious stuffed green pepper. I stuffed it with sauteed fresh red onion, garlic, and eggplant along with black beans and brown rice. I topped it off with fresh pureed tomatoes, seasoned to perfection. The whole family enjoyed it and didn't miss the meat at all.

I haven't stepped on a scale for a week. I don't feel like crying right now so I'll wait until perhaps Friday, or so, to log my results thus far. After the first week I lost 6 pounds, but nothing but a couple of ounces the next week; although I could see inches disappearing. Until next time...

Anyone else out there having a epiphany about their eating habits or going through a weight loss program? I would love to connect with you.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

  It's been super busy for me in the past few weeks. Son came in for college spring break, left for college spring and before, after, and in between, it's been whirlwind crazy for me. But one thing that I realized in all of my running, I am not taking care of myself. I stepped on the scale and went numb. I was the same weight as I was when I was nine months pregnant with my last child and she just turned 4! I couldn't cry, scream, or shout; just numb, I was.
  This was on Monday. Since then I am determined to be better to and for myself. So, I have gone raw. I had given up red meat many years ago and only ate fish and chicken anyway, but now, definitely not any chicken for awhile, if ever. Now, I don't know if this will be a lifetime change, but for the time being I feel a difference in me. I am sleeping better, have more energy, and my sinuses have cleared. The best thing is that in just these few days, I have lost 4 pounds! I am going to attempt to do a juice fast, I don't know how long right now... just one day at a time. I'll keep you posted on my journey and results; my goal is to drop at least 4 pant sizes and at least 60 pounds. Wish me luck and any of your experiences are welcome.