Friday, October 12, 2012

Restaurant 2

If you like Cuban food, never had it but want to try it, try Havana on Clark Street in Chicago. I had never had Cuban food before, but if this is what it is, I am sold! I had the Chimichangas for an appetizer,.... WOW, were they delicious! For my entree, I ordered the salmon which included grilled salmon topped with a tamarind sauce served over jalapeno mashed potaotes. Sounds good? It is!

A live band starts up at around 11:00 and because my date and I were having such a wonderful time and the server was wonderful, we stayed longer, listened to the band and had dessert. The key lime pie was delectable. I would visit this resaurtant over and over again. If you're not particular about fish, they have a nice selection of chicken and other meats. I already have my menu selection selected for my next visit!